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Leave it to the experts.

W&W Dry Cleaners was started over 60 years ago by a husband and wife team, Wanda and Warren Robinson. They started with a used dry cleaning machine they purchased from a Cincinnati hotel. Business grew quickly and soon after starting they were able to hire two dedicated employees. Those two women, Mary Jo Kinsley and Hazel Satterfield, helped make W&W what it is today. Hazel worked for nearly 45 years while Mary Jo has been with the business for over 52 years and is still going! With dedication like that, how can you not expect the best? 

In 1998, founder and co-owner Wanda was ready to retire and Larry and Eleanor Snodgrass became the new owners of the business. The pair thought it would be a fun business to get into! After obtaining W&W Dry Cleaners in Greenfield, they had fears that the business would not be able to support itself. They began looking at neighboring communities to expand into. By pure happenstance, B&H Dry Cleaners in Hillsboro had come up for sale! W&W Dry Cleaners expanded and opened in Hillsboro in December 2004. It was nice have two places to process the clothes. But, this expansion brought on another problem: too much capacity and not enough to do! The Snodgrass family began to look at widening their service area. The owner of C&L Dry Cleaners in Chillicothe called them and asked if they would be interested in buying him out. The Chillicothe shop was a drop store, with no equipment and this situation was perfect fit. In 2006, W&W opened their location in Chillicothe. In 2009 dry cleaning businesses in Hillsboro and Washington Court House came up for sale. The Hillsboro location offered a much better location than their current shop with a drive through and off street parking, so again they jumped at the opportunity.

Today, W&W offers dry cleaning services and host of other services such as janitorial, alterations, tuxedo rental, fire and water restoration, and pest control. They truly want to take care of their customers and all of their cleaning needs.