Garment Care

Your Garment Care Experts!

W&W Dry Cleaners have been here for more than 60 years, specializing in garment and laundry care services, including dry cleaning, alteration, fur cleaning & more! Learn about each of our garment care services today!

Alterations & Modifications

W&W Dry Cleaners’ four seamstresses have been with us for decades, working with all designers, fabrics and styles of construction. Our tailoring style is to follow designers’ original lines, translating their vision to your form, and we’re happy to arrange multiple fittings in our comfortable, private fitting rooms. The clothes that look the best fit the best, and whether it’s a pair of chinos in need of hemming or a couture ball gown that needs reworked entirely, you can expect to be amazed by the dramatic improvements.

Most Common Garment Alterations Include:

Prom Dresses

Wedding Gowns

Formal Gowns

Slacks & Pants

Blazers & Jackets

Dress Shirts & Blouses

Shirt Laundry

What do you least want to see when you pull out a shirt in the morning?

• A missing button?

• A ring around the collar?

• Wrinkles along the seams and cuff?

Don’t worry; we put each of the 1,000-plus shirts and blouses we launder weekly through more than eight stages of inspection, and our tailors also make minor repairs such as replacing buttons. We’ll press shirts on a state-of-the-art machine, then hand-iron each for the best quality possible. You can choose from three levels of personal attention, and specify whether we return your shirts folded or on hangers.

Step 1:

Inspection & Repairs

Step 2:

Press & Iron

Step 3:

Fold & Hang

Fur Cleaning

W&W Dry Cleaners’ furrier has decades of experience cleaning fur and fur-trimmed clothing, as well as glazing and repairing fur, using time-tested techniques to remove dirt and excess oil. Even normal use (or storage) exposes your one-of-a-kind fur to heat and humidity, which may eventually cause the skin to dry and crack, but our furrier has the expertise to bring out its natural beauty.

Vintage Clothing Care

W&W Dry Cleaners specializes in vintage cleaning and has successfully restored everything from antique quilts to 100-year-old wedding gowns. Restoration cleaning requires a delicate balance between the desired cleanliness and the integrity of fragile textiles, and our technicians are up to the challenge, armed with dozens of cleaning solutions for yellowing, water spots, mystery stains and more. We examine each item thoroughly beforehand to make sure you understand the process.


Closet space may be tight in some of the old houses around here, but W&W Dry Cleaners will help you reclaim that valuable closet real estate. When it’s time to transition from summer to winter or back again, we’ll pick last season up, clean it and stash it safe from moths, mildew, dust and sunlight.