Home Care

House Cleaning Services

W&W Dry Cleaning works with more than just garments! We’ll also repair damage from fire and flooding, clean bedding and draperies, even handle pest control. Your home is your castle, and we want it to stay that way.


Extend the life of your sheets, blankets, comforters and bed linens with our professional cleaning services – and make them more comfortable, too! Our team will pick up your bedding and bring it back to our facility to get everything looking – and feeling – good as new.

Drapes & Curtains

Cleaning your draperies lengthens their lifespan and improves your home’s air quality, and W&W Dry Cleaners has the process down to an art. We clean draperies with custom processes, choosing a cleaning method for each job that will remove blemishes without harming the textile. We also use a PerfectPleat finishing machine to make your drapes look amazing the first time.

Fire & Water Damage

If your home suffers damage from water, fire or smoke, call W&W Dry Cleaners! We’ve restored family heirlooms and couture garments for more than 65 years, and we can restore damaged textiles around your house, too, from gowns to handbags. Our team of professionals will work with you to make the process as simple as possible – you’ve already got enough on your mind. We’ll track your belongings through every step of recovery with our sophisticated inventory management system and work directly with your insurance carrier.

Pest Control

W&W Dry Cleaners has been cleaning up bedbugs since well before their recent resurgence. We offer a comprehensive textile treatment to eliminate bed bugs in items that are unsafe to exterminate – clothing, bedding, etc. – and will bring back to our state-of-the-art plant whatever we can for hygienic, eco-sensitive bedbug removal. We’ll clean up after professional extermination in your home, making sure we reposition all your furnishings precisely.

For more information and pricing on our home care & cleaning services, contact W&W Dry Cleaners today!